Meltham Memories 2018

1940s event in Meltham

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Meltham Memories 2018

Wow! It's so long since I've updated my blog (note to self, update both websites and blogs)

Last weekend it was the annual Meltham Memories 1940’s weekend which is great fun for the family.  Hundreds of people lined the high street for the parade.  I decided that I’d pop out and take a few pictures.  The parade was fabulous loads of military vehicles, army veterans, kids and adults dressed up all joined in.  Everywhere I looked there was something going on. 

There was lots of singing and dancing, loads of people eating from the stalls. I plumped for the hog roast from behind the church. This year I’d actually sponsored some galvanised steel buckets for the bar, so the least I could do was to invest in a couple of pork sarnies. (I've got to do my bit to help)

There was a lovely atmosphere in the village, the sun and blue skies also help add something special to this and we had 2 amazing sunny days.
One of the activities that I was looking forward to was the battle from the Axis-Allied re-enactment group   which took place on the school field. I had no idea what to expect but a full battle took place with lots of pyrotechnics going off. It was exciting and pretty tricky to photograph when I had no idea what was going to happen. 

I also loved the old skool fairground rides that were in the school playground. My favourite was the helter skelter so as you can imagine I was gutted when my 3 year old insisted that I went on with her. Good fun!

Meltham Memories were lucky enough to have the stunning Dakota do a fly over for both days. There’s always something very special about seeing these aeroplanes and I get very giddy.  In fact I took about a million (slight exaggeration) of the plane going past on both days.

In summary it was a amazing event, it brought loads of people into Meltham, my kids loved it, I loved it and I’ll be back next year.

Here’s just a few pictures that I took and a quick slideshow.

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